The new festival/event APP

SLapps helps your festival out! We designed a new way an APP can be used at events.

Social as goal

Connecting with friends is what festivals are all about. Visitors of your festival can connect with each other through the SLapps social platform.

Still works with bad internet connection

Perfect internet is not a requirement for our app to function. Most features even work when there is no internet at all!

Powerfull control panel

Post news articles, see which performances are hyped and liked, update your timetable within seconds without re-installations.


More reason why you should contact us to help your festival out!

Dynamic timetables

Most functional timetable on the market

Home screen

Unique homescreen with more info than ever shown for this price

SLapps platform social

Use the social platform of SLapps to let visitors connect

SLapps team

We make your festival a success

Alexander Satink

Head Operations

Stefan Groote Schaarsberg

Lead Development

Contact Us

Sales | info@slapps.nl

Tech | tech@slapps.nl

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